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If you received a security alert entering this website, please do not be alarmed. The Paypal part of this site is absolutely secure! The host wants me to upgrade to a new software package because they no longer support this one I have had for many years but it works and I am keeping it.

The Oakland Chocolate Company is open and operating but will not be at the Farmers Markets Downtown or Grand Lake. I am making truffles and bonbons to order only and for Box of the Month Club members. I keep some bars and packets in inventory. I can ship, deliver in Oakland, or you can pick up at the kitchen after making an appointment to do so. I am happy to still be able to make chocolate for you since I am a kitchen of one person and vaccinated. Take care of yourself and be well.
Jamaican Origin Chocolates
The Oakland Chocolate Company is a Bean to Bar to Bonbon manufacturer of handmade artisan chocolates.  We exclusively use cocoa beans from Jamaica. Beginning 2020, all of our newly made chocolate will be using cocoa beans form Bachelors Hall in the parish of St. Thomas, farmer Desmond Jadusingh. We have used all the beans we bought from the now defunct Jamaican Cocoa Industry Board.  Our chocolates are mostly made with a 70% cacao base.  We also have a 45% cacao milk chocolate that has a rich caramelly flavor, 2 80% 2-oz bars and 4 varieties of 1-oz 85% cacao bars.  The 70% cacao from Bachelors Hall has a wonderful rich chocolatey flavor reminiscent to me of the chocolate pudding my mom made when I was growing up, with a mild fruity finish. At a recent chocolate tasting, some of the other adjectives used to describe our Bachelors Hall chocolate were honey, buttery, toasted nuts, caramelly, biscuity with a lovely even melt.

We also make some 100% 1-oz bars. Our sweetener is organic cane sugar.  We have a wide variety of chocolate novelties in 1-oz packets as well as bars, and our truffles and caramels are divine.  The caramels have won numerous awards.  We have a new lower sugar collection pictured below which includes a 48 piece box of hearts made with 80% cacao with almond, hazenut, cherry and ginger inclusions, a sack of Jamaican cocoa tea, a jar of roasted cocoa nibs, a packet of dried mango dipped in 70% cacao, and one of spicy mango, and lastly an 85% bar with black lava salt. Our chocolates are made in small batches to be fresh and preservative free.   The box below is our Classic collection of bonbons and truffles. Click on the "Product Line" button to see the full range of options from custom collections to bars to dipped dried fruit and of course, holiday specialties.  We make a new bonbon or truffle every month and our Original Box of the Month Club members are guaranteed a sample of those each month.  Click on "Specialties" to learn about the current creations.